lemonbombs (lem0nb0mbs) wrote,

The Navratri

"The Navratri is celebrated twice a year to mark the beginning of summer and the beginning of winter. In Hindu beliefs, these times of the year are very symbolic for worship because the changes in the season are divine providence....”

The Navratri is a symbolic period marking the shift in balance between summer and winter, as well as the changes in ourselves and nature. The Navrarti is observed with prayers, dancing, puja, pageantry, and fasting. Durga, thought to be mother of the universe, is commemorated, acknowledging the divine energy flowing through us all, driving changes within us, as well as everything in creation.

The Navratri 2016 begins Saturday, October 1, and ends Sunday, October 9.
Tags: autumn, balance, festival, hindu, holiday, navrati

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