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If you ever thought about a disabled person, “They could work if they wanted to,” you are ableist. Disability ≠ lack of desire to work, but disability always = pain. Don’t judge. You have no idea why someone can’t work, and frankly, it is none of your business.

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How now is different than the Great Influenza pandemic, basically opinion, but with fresh nutritional history included!

  • Internet connects us to the world and brings our needs to us with ease.
  • Quarantine was already part of normal life. If you saw one of these signs on a window, you knew to stay away, and you knew no one would be coming out. No one expected exceptions. This is how it was.

Visiting doctors, nurses, and clergy might stop by. Neighbor women would bring jars of homemade soup and custard for the invalids and leave them on the doorstep. What else could anyone do?

There are lots of other differences, but these two highlight that a) we have it better at home, and b) all the whining! Wow, are we spoiled!

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How to make the changes we desperately need

Criminalizing poverty, applying morality to social issues, trying to “fix society’s ills” with anger, shame, aggression, DOES NOT WORK.
If we, as a culture, society, nation, seek to solve the problems, we need to meet basic human needs. Meeting basic needs is required.


The I thought it was influenza, COVID19 bluez

Wake up in the mornin’ feeling like a consumptive

My guess that I was healthy was a bit presumptive

All I did this morning was was cough and hack

When I crawl under the covers I ain’t coming back

I’m coughing up a lung lung

Gross coating on my tongue tongue

I’m dizzy as a top top

When will the headache stop stop



I’ve got the flu

So do you

And the eastern seaboard

Ache and moan

Clutch your phone

Puke and plead with the Lord

Fail to eat

Feel defeat

You’ve never felt so bored

Feelin’ po’, po’, po’!

Woe, woe, woe!